About Mark Homsany

Mark Homsany was born in Montreal to Syro-Lebanese Egyptian parents. He grew up in boroughs where more than half the residents were either recent immigrants or born to immigrant parents. As a teenager, he developed a passion for writing, literature and rock music.

He graduated from Concordia University with an Honours Degree in Translation with a Minor in Arabic Language and Literature. While in school, he participated in some short stories writing contests and became interested in journalism, blogging and social media. He also developed a taste for blues-rock, jazz fusion and Egyptian music.

He lists Emile Zola, Naguib Mahfouz, Edouard El-Kharrat, Normand de Bellefeuille, Ahmad Fouad Negm, Edgar Allan Poe, James Clavell, Hiromu Arakawa and Paul William Roberts as his main influences as a writer.

Photo Mark Homsany
Photo of Mark Homsany
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