Artist Statement

I am the bridge between the Middle East and the West, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Through my writing and my music, I link Canada to the Middle East.

Short Stories and Journalistic Writing

Whether I am writing about Canada or the Eastern Mediterranean, I focus on web-related technology, music, and the relationship between various ethnic communities and the society they live in. My thoughts are reflected in short stories and journalistic articles with a bit of absurd humour. More specifically, my writing aims to show:

  • That Canadian Multiculturalism is flawed;
  • There are more to various ethnic and religious communities than the common archetypes;
  • The paradoxes of the internet and social media;
  • The other side of Canada and the Middle-East;
  • Both regions’ artistic scene.


My music follows an emerging trend in the Middle East: fusing jazz with traditional Middle Eastern music. My project is a little different though. I aim to mix the heaviness of metal, the depth of blues, the soul of Egyptian music and the intricacies of jazz.

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