Who’s Afraid of the Coronavirus?

Wearing masks during flu outbreaks.
When there are flu outbreaks in Japan, everybody wears masks. I was having fun in the history department of my school.

The coronavirus is causing quite a stir here in Japan. Because of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked schools to close in March to prevent the spread of the disease. Following the request of Prime Minister Abe, schools will cancel all classes and extracurricular activities for the two weeks, preceding March break, which comes before the new school year. Some people I know are panicking but is it too much?

According to this map from the Japan Times (the English version of the Yomiuri Shinbun), the most affected prefectures are Hokkaido, Aichi and Tokyo. Some prefectures have only a few cases. Do the Japanese have reason to panic?

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