Typhoons Hagibis and Jebi in Japan

On October 12th, typhoon No. 19 Hagibis struck central Japan and the Kanto region. This was the second big typhoon I’ve experienced but luckily, it did not hit Hamamatsu hard. It was not as scary as last year’s big typhoon, No. 21 Jebi. I will describe my experience of both typhoons.

What Happens During Typhoons?

The skies turn grey and the rain pours. Then, strong winds arise. Rain drops strike windows like bullets. The heavy rain can cause landslides and floods. The winds fell trees, blocking roads, and hurl any object from roof tiles to bicycles into the air.

When a typhoon is announced, people rush to grocery stores and convenience stores. Bread, onigiri (stuffed rice balls), bento (traditional Japanese pre-packed meals), various drinks… all foods ready to eat disappear from the stores and shelves are left empty.

Warnings are broadcast on the media telling people to stay home and prepare for black outs and lack running water. People are also advised not to leave objects such as laundry racks and toys outside.

Tape to protect injuries from broken glass.

My Experience of Typhoon Jebi

September 30th, 2018. I thought the panic was overhyped. Boy, was I wrong.

The typhoon began with heavy rain and strong winds. “It’s just another big storm”, I thought.

I stayed in my apartment waiting for the storm to pass. Then, the windows shook. I heard banging on my front door as if someone was trying to kick it down. I heard whistling and cries like those of a ghost. It was just the wind.

The lights flickered and I kept receiving storm alerts on my cell phone.

When I went back to school, some of my co-workers and students had neither running water nor electricity four days after Typhoon Jebi had passed.

Typhoon Hagibis So Far…

As soon as typhoon warnings were broadcast on TV, many people in the neighbourhood began to put tape in their windows in an asterisk-like pattern. This was to prevent injuries from broken glass in case windows would burst.

Fortunately, none of the people I know have had any troubles caused by Hagibis so far…


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